The Rabbis of Shimon Bergman and Menachem Rabinovich Will Participate in an Annual Conference to Be in New-York

Like in previous years this year in New-York there assembled all envoys of the Lubavich Rabbi for three days for which there will be listened to lectures and will be different discussions of strengthening national self-consciousness of the Jewish people in the whole world. To participate in the conference they invited the Rabbis of Shimon Bergman and Menachem Rabinovich. For it they will pray at the grave of the Lubavich Rabbi for progress of their important work and for blessing the Jewish people. Also there will be conducted seminars for Rabbis of the CIS where there will be the Chief Rabbi of Russia of Berl Lazar. The conference will be finished by an especial event in which there will take part 4000 Rabbis! All invited persons will discuss results of the last year at festively laid tables and will come to different decision for the next year.
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Mazal Tov for Lev and Irina Afraimovich in Connection of Their Wedding

On November, 6, Friday, in the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue there were the Hupa of Lev Afraimovich and Irina Lantsman. It was conducted by the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman. Also there were present relatives of the bride and the bridegroom and their friends. The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish community is congratulating the new young family and wish the happy couple to be in joy and comfortably off, and to live up for 120 years.
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Representatives of the Jewish Agency of “Sokhnut” in Russia and the Fiundation of “Chesed Sara” Moved to the Building of the Synagogue

From the beginning of November the organizations of “Chesed Sara” and “Sokhnut” are in the building of the synagogue at the Gruzinskaya Street. In their offices it is possible to get all regular services which they were done formerly. The offices of the “Chesed Sara” are on the first floor, the phone is 433-40-21. Ones of the “Sokhnut” are on the third floor, the phone is 430-76-51.
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Rare and Exciting Ceremony of Redeeming First-borns Was on November, 1, in Nizhny Novgorod

In accordance with the Jewish custom every Jew who is the first-born boy in his family should be redeemed by a Kohan beginning from the 30th day after the birthday of the boy. On November, 1, from Moscow there arrived the Rabbi of Shneyor Zalman Kohan to conduct such ceremony for a boy born a month ago in the family of Kushnirs. The opportunity to execute given commandment was used by also the Dad and the Granddad of the kid. They are first-borns too. Also this rite was done for other men.
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Consequential Guest in the Synagogue

On October, 27, in the restaurant of “Shalom na Gruzinskoy” there was a meeting of Tutorial Council of the synagogue and the deputy of the State Duma Alexander Khinshtein.

The party was started by the President of the Nizhny Novgorod Community Eduard Chaprak and the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman. The leaders told the assembled persons of the done work on reconstruction of the building of the synagogue. They congratulated the deputy with the 35th anniversary that was a day ago and wished him firm health and long years of successful activity. An antique scroll by Ester as a gift for the birthday was given the deputy by the President of the Community Eduard Chaprak.

After the Rabbi and the President the traditional lehaim was toasted by the political scientist of Boris Dukhan, and also by the businessmen of Alexander Goikhman, Dmitry Birman, Eduard Fiyaksel, Grigory Shteiman and Naum Mnasin. Also at the party there were the businessmen of Mark Evin, Mark Feldman, Boris Sherman, Boris Gorelik, Iosif Drits, Igor Yavorsky et al.

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