More than 50 women met on the day when Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Shneerson died.

Jewish women got together at the Women Club on the 17th of February. This meeting was devoted to the memory of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Shneerson, the wife of Lubavich Rebbe. The women were sitting in the new banquet halls. The tables were beautifully decorated and many delicious hot and sweet dishes were cooked for this meeting by Rebbetzin Yael Bergman and Rebbetzin Chaya Rabinovich.

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A new Torah scroll in Nizhniy Novgorod synagogue. “There was not such in Nizhniy more than one hundred years” – Rabbi Shimon Bergman.

January, 29th was a very special day for N. Novgorod Jewish people because the two celebrations at one day. The first one was the bringing the Torah scroll in. The second celebration was dedicated to the opening of the newly reconstructed praying hall.

The Torah scroll was ordered one year ago and written in Israel. The sacred scroll, price of which 30 thousand dollars, is a dare present of Boris Sherman to the Jews of N.Novgorod.

More than 300 people came to the synagogue. Jewish people of the community danced and sang a lot being happy to be the witnesses of such a special day.

It is important to mention that a new Torah scroll was brought in the memory of the father of Rebezzin Yael Bergman who passed away last year.

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More than 150 people came to celebrate Levi’s Opshernish

According to the Jewish law, it is not allowed to gather harvest from the trees in Israel in the first three years. Torah compares a man with a tree. That’s why it is forbidden to cut boy’s hair also during his first three years of life. The first haircut and the third birthday are celebrated at the same day with a very joyful and special birthday party.

On January 29th more than 150 guests came to the synagogue to celebrate with Rabbi Shimon Bergman and his wife Yael Opshernish of their youngest son Levi.

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Celebration day after day!

Everyone now live in difficult, painful era of the global financial crisis. These difficult times, of course, not spared any of us. But every parent strives to ensure that the economic problems in any way not referred to his child. And the kindergarten «Gan Menachem» has also been working in this direction.

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Family Day at «Or Avner» school.

On Wednesday, February 11, our school held a concert devoted to Day of Families.

As you know, school «Or Avner», often holds different events: a meeting of parents and children, assisting in the preparation of community festivals, and also guys gather information of their predecessors for the project «Roots» («Korni»).

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