The 15th issue of the newspaper Be-yahad about Pesach is being published

The newspaper Be-yahad is delivered to every Jewish family in Nizhniy. This issue is devoted to Pesach holiday and readers can find inside this number the information about Pesach celebration in Nizhniy Novgorod. Also the full explanation of the meaning of the sun blessing is presented in this edition.

On the other pages the reader will find an interview with Rabbi Menachem Rabinovich about a new project – writing new Torah scroll which will unite all the Jews of CIS. A series of pictures from Purim celebration is also a good present for every Jewish family who will open this issue of Be-yahad.

It is important to mention that this issue of Be-yahad is published in number of 3700 copies.

For downloading the 15th issue, please, click here

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Jews from Nizhniy made a masquerade!

Jewish community of Nizhny Novgorod celebrated Purim in the newly and beautifully renovated praying hall.

Rabbi of Yeshiva Menachem Rabinovich made a traditional reading of Megilat Esther.

The entertaining program for children and their parents was organized by the actors from Nizhniy Novgorod circus. Clown, acrobat, magician and a professional concert host made a special program for all the guests.

In the intervals between circus tricks children were presenting their costumes. Such characters as Zorro, Princess, Malvina, Watter Carrier and other heroes came to the Purim celebration. Costume contest for kids and young people of Jewish community was organized by madrichim.

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The 14th issue of the newspaper "Be-yahad" devoted to Purim is being published

In the newspaper which is delivered to every Jew of Nizhniy Novgorod, information about holiday Purim can be found. Also, there is an article and pictures from the event devoted to bringing in the new prayer hall a new Torah scroll.

There are two interviews in this issue. The first interview is with the Rabbi Shimon Bergman regarding the tenth anniversary of their life in Nizhniy Novgorod. The next interview is with the veteran Dmitry Shor. All the regular rubrics also can be found.

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