Rhymed Passover in the School of “Or Avner”

Good tradition in our school there becomes a “rhymed” celebration by reason of the holiday. This holiday was not an exception too: Creative and talented students prepared a poetic concert in honor of the significant event.

Compositions were read in the assembly hall of our school in pleasant and friendly atmosphere for young poets.

In conclusion of the concert the judges pointed to the best authors and handed them gifts as a keepsake. The best participants were Zorina Milana, Isakova Adelina and Li Sofia.

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The Week of Mathematics and Informatics in the School of “Or Avner”

The first week after the vacations was very lively and interesting. Students of all grades took part in the Week of Mathematics and Informatics. Every grade began to prepare to this event beforehand, so already on Monday the walls of the school became many-colored because of wallpapers.

All workers of the school thank the teachers of mathematics Afraimovich G.A. and Vitkovskaya E.I. and teachers of informatics Itina A.M. and Pashton O.B. for the fascinating and informative events of the week.

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The Day of the Holocaust in the School of “Or Avner”

On the Nissan, 27 (April, 21 this year) Israel commemorates a state memorable date of the Day of the Holocaust and Heroism (Yom ha-Shoah ve ha-Gvurah). On this day of 1943 German soldiers using artillery and armored units started planned destructing the Warsaw ghetto and killing its inhabitants.
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In the Synagogue There Opened a Restaurant!

On April 12 and 13 in the banquet hall of the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue they ate, sang and danced. More than 150 Jews visited the festive opening the kosher restaurant of “Shalom na Gruzinskoy”. Both evenings for guests there played the ensemble of “Vtoroye Dykhanie”. The opening was timed to coincide with celebration of Passover.
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More than 2 tons of matzo was sold in the shop “Tzimes” in the synagogue

Hundreds of Jewish families of Nizhniy Novgorod purchased matzo and grape juice for Pesach. At the moment, there is no matzo and grape juice in the synagogue kosher shop at all.

“We didn’t expect such a demand. The synagogue didn’t sell such a bug quantity of matzo for many years,” – stated Rabbi Shimon Bergman.

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Prayer “Blessing of the Sun” – first time in Nizhniy

At 9 a.m. on the 8th of April all students of school “Or Avner” and dozens of Jews came to the synagogue to take part in the event which occurs once every 28 years.

This event was leaded by rabbi Shimon Bergman who explained the meaning of such a historical event as blessing of the sun.

Right after the blessing all the guests took part in another sacred activity - burning of Chametz. This procedure is organized regularly on the eve of Pesach night.

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Pesach in Nizhniy Novgorod – 2009-5769

On the 8th of April for the first time a Pesach Seder was held in the new banquet hall which is located on the third floor of the synagogue. The Seder with more than 100 guests was moderated by rabbi Shimon Bergman and Mikhail Belotzerkovsky.

At the same time in the other hall more than 50 young people were sitting together with rabbi Menachem Rabinovich and also followed all the rules of the classical Pesach Seder.

The next Seder was on organized for children on the 9th of April. This Seder was leaded by madrichim Mikhail Shteyman and Zhanna Maslova. “

On the 16th of April a prayer Izkor for the first time was held in the new prayer hall. Dozens of Jews came to pray in a newly beautifully renovated hall for doven.

“Moshiah meal” which is a concluding Pesach meal was celebrated in the new restaurant hall.

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