Evening Party of Supporting the Organization of “Mother and Kid” (Em Va-eled)

On Wednesday of June, 10 80 women took part in a unique evening party in the banquet hall of the synagogue at festively laid tables where there were sweet and tasty food.

The party started from showing the affecting movie in which the rabbani of Yael Bergman told of our destiny as women and of our privilege to bear kids. The movie excited the women to tears.For the party Svetlana Erukhimova pleased all by her singing being accompanied by the ensemble of “Bella Voce” and Dmitry Livshyts.

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With Great Success There Finished the Summer Semester of the Course of Study of Judaism

Tens of Jews took part in the summer semester of study of Judaism organized by the Center of Study of Judaism.

The seminars were conducted by the lecturers of the rabbis of Dovid Karpov, the professor of Alexander Lakshin and the rabbi of Moshe Rokhlin from Moscow and also by the rabbi of Ieshayagu Gisser from Israel.

For lectures the audience might know many interesting things on many themes of Judaism and also ask questions and discuss the given information with each other.

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Celebration of Bar- and Bat-Mitzvahs in Nizhny Novgorod

On Sunday, May, 31 in a banquet hall of the synagogue among laid tables there was very emotional festival for four boys and four girls by reason of their entering the world of commandments. Accordingly to the Jewish tradition boys from age of 13 and girls from age of 12 are regarded as adults and hence they should observe commandments like all adults.

The event went off accordingly to the initiative of the school of “Or Avner” and was conducted by its mistress of Marina L. Pashton. Also there took part parents and other relatives of the kids. For the festival the kids sang and danced, imparted their opinions of maturity. They were congratulated by the Chief Rabbi of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon Bergman and the President of the Jewish community of Eduard M. Chaprak.

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Kids of Nizhny Novgorod Again Got the Torah

Tens of kids arrived on Friday, May, 29 for celebration of Shavuot. At the beginning they assembled in the prayer hall for reading the Ten Commandments and after prayer they were invited the kids of age of Bar-Mitzvah for ascent of the Torah at the first time in their life. All this was done with singing, congratulations and throwing sweets as it is established by Jewish laws.

At the end of reading commandments the kids were invited into the banquet hall in which all had been already prepared for celebrating: There were created the especial festival program with games, songs and food. The kids were divided into two groups: the first was busy by different games conducted by the rabbani of Chaya Rabinovich, and the other did the same and was conducted by the rabbani of Yael Bergman. All was helped by Zhanna Maslova.

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