There Published Issue 23 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Holiday of Chanukah

In the paper there are news of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community and also photo gallery of fall holidays. Also there is for your reading the article of a Nizhny Novgorod Jew who found his relatives 65 years later.

The paper is mailed all Jews of Nizhny Novgorod, also you can download the electronic version of the paper clicking here

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At the First Time in Nizhny Novgorod There Published the Informational Leaflet of All Services Done by the Community Center

For recent two years Jewish organizations removed to the building of the synagogue. Today in the same place one may use all Jewish services. In the present leaflet you can find detailed information of all community services: religious ones, humanitarian aid, education, culture, classes and courses etc. The leaflet is printed of 4 000 copies and is mailed all Jews of the city. Also you can download the electronic version of the leaflet in the site of our community.

From today every member of the community may get in the office of the synagogue a membership card with his or her photo. To a keeper of such card they give discounts and privileges in various shops of the city. The information of them one can find in the leaflet. Also a keeper of the card has the right to discounts and privileges such as buying Matzoth and tickets for concerts.

To get the card you must link with the office of synagogue.

To download the electronic version click please here

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The Most Large-scale Conference in the World

Every year in New-York there is a world conference of messengers of the Lubavich Rebe. More than 4 000 Rabbis take part in the conference. For it all assemble at the grave of the Lubavich Rebe and pray for progress of his mission. Also there leads meetings and seminars where they discuss state of the world Jewry. In the conference there participated the Rabbis from Nizhny Novgorod of Shimon Bergman and Menachem Rabinovitz.

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The Concert of Boruch Finkelshtein in the Community on October, 20

On October, 20, in the Nizhni Novgorod synagogue there were a meeting with the Chief cantor of the Great Choral synagogues of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow and the senior lecturer of the Saint-Petersburg Conservatory of Boruch Finkelstein and his concert.

He is considered to be the ‘silver voice of Europe’ and the ‘golden voice of Russia’ as a cantor.

The concert was organized by the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community.

The concert has two parts: the first was in the prayer hall of the synagogue, the second was in the banquet hall. For both parts there sounded Jewish music, prayers and songs in Yiddish and Hebrew. The reputation of the performer tells in favor of him: All compositions were sung brilliant, and the listeners as if plunged in life of Jewish small towns, remembered their roots, the language of their mothers.

We would like to note that B. Finkelstein is visiting our community and giving concerts at the fourth time . At the first time he gave in the Kremlin Concert Hall a charitable concert. The income from it set aside to return the building of the synagogue to the community. This time the arrival of Mr. Finkelstein was timed to coincide with the subject of ‘Ways of Development of Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community’. It was discussed by activists of the community at round table.

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Mazal Tov for a New Family!

On Friday, October 8, in the prayer hall of the synagogue there was a ceremony of Jewish wedding of Dolinsky Mikhail Eduardovich and Zelichonok Maya Alexandrovna. It was a Chupah. The ceremony was starting traditional: The bridegroom signed the Ketubah in which be the way he undertakes to keep his family. After that there was the ceremony of wedding: The Rabbi of Shimon Bergman had led the Chupah. Further all guests were invited to the festive refreshments organized by the restaurant of ‘Shalom’.

We are congratulating the newly-weds and wish them successes and happiness. Live together in love and harmony until you are 120!

To see photos click the total article.

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On September, 26, in the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community There Was the Family Festival of Sukkoth

The program assembled very uneven-aged parishioners, but everyone found an amusement accordingly her or his taste. The least kids was surprised the show of soap-bubbles which had been in the hall of the synagogue. The quiz on the subject of the holiday of Sukkoth made known how much our kids knew of the holiday. They pleasant amazed their parents who did not know answers the simplest questions. Four species of plants special ordered in Israel (lulav, etrog, myrtle and weeping willow) were passing from hand to hand, and every interested person uttered blessing over the plants having observed one Jewish commandment more.

After that all the people are divided by their hobbies. Some people visited master-classes: twisting on balloons and stained glass painting. Other people preferred to see the film of ‘Casablanca’ in the office of the ‘Chesed’.

The festival was gathering speed, there were pulling themselves together guests who had been late. The kids and their parents with pleasure were tucking in candyfloss and popcorn which were made there and then. Delight was provoked by an enormous hillock like four floors house. The hillock hard found room in the yard of the synagogue. An inflatable trampoline was also not empty and at once found its jumping clientele.

To see photos click the total article.

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Hundreds of Jews Visited the Synagogue on the Yom Kippur

In Jewish Community of Nizhni Novgorod synagogue they felt the atmosphere of the Day of Atonement. For the prayer of ‘Kol Nidrei’ there were more than 100 people. In the prayer of ‘Yzkor’ there were taking part more than 200 Jews. By night before finishing the fasting for the prayer of ‘Neila’ and blowing the shofar there also arrived more than 100 persons.

The Rabbi of the region of Shimon Bergman noted with satisfaction that it is a jolly feeling the synagogue filled by Jews including kids and young people like in all Jewish communities of the world.

Also there is finishing preparation for the holiday of Sukkoth. In the yard of the synagogue they are installing a Sukkah where they are inviting all Jews of Nizhny Novgorod.

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The Gratitude for Rescue

‘The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community thanks the heroes for courage shown for fire extinguishing in summer of 2010.’ This was the name of the event which was on September, 14, and was dedicated to awarding firemen who showed fortitude for fire extinguishing this summer.

The event was in the fire brigade 5. Here there came the Chief Rabbi of Shimon Bergman, the President of the community of Eduard M. Chaprak, and also a representative from Moscow. For taking gratifying official documents and money prizes they invited workers of the system of a detachment of the Federal Anti-fire Service in Nizhny Novgorod.

This event had repercussions in media and was reported not only in TV but in the press.

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The Visiting New-York

Every year before the Rosh Hashanah a group of Jews led by the Rabbi of Berl Lazar flies to New-York for a short time. For the trip the group visited the synagogue and the grave of the Lubavich Rebe, did an excursion about Manhattan and a lot of other things. From Nizhny Novgorod there went out a group led by the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman.
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Again to School

There comes fall. Schools revive, are decorated and meet beloved students being in hurry to the holiday line.

It is the first of September! For some kids it is the start of a new stage of life, for others it is returning the home ‘family’, a school. For the school of ‘Or Avner’ this September is also is an anniversary: ten years ago sharp the school at the first time opened wide the doors to students too. So the holiday was especially ceremonial. Senior students prepared a jolly program in which accordingly to the tradition there were taking part all the kids, the teachers and the school administration. Performing songs and poems we admitted to our harmonious community 11 first-graders. Almost all of them were prepared serious in the Sunday school, so they felt like at home and were taking part in the festival with pleasure.
At the line there also were a number of guests: representatives of the city administration and the synagogue, parents of the kids, young persons who had been students of various institutions of higher education of our city. And surely there were graduates a lot of who had come from Israel.

The Rabbi of Nizhny Novgorod Menchem Rabinovitz congratulated all with the new school year and year 5771 to come.

In conclusion of the festive event and the tasty dinner for little boys and girls of the first grade there came clowns and continued the jolly festival. The kids of middle grades went to the excursion to the Museum of Timber Architecture, and the senior students visited the Fine Arts Museum. There they enjoyed masterpieces of the Russian painting.

We congratulate the teachers, the students and their parents with the new school year!

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The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community Celebrated the Rosh ha-Shanah

On September, 8, Wednesday, hundreds of Jews assembled in the synagogue to celebrate the New 5770th Year of the creation of the first human being. The event started from showing the movie that summed up last year activity of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community. After the showing students of the school of “Or Avner” sang songs dedicated to the Rosh ha-Shanah. Congratulations were said by the Chief Rabbi of Shimon Bergman, the President of the community of Eduard M. Chaprak and the deputy of the City Duma of Dmitry P. Birman. Then women lit holiday candles and there started a holiday prayer. After that there were Kiddush and a traditional New Year meal where there were apples with honey, pomegranates etc. Also there was a buffet table. For the festival everyone was handed a gift and a calendar of the community.

To see the photos and the film click the total article.

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The New Jewish Calendar of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community for 5771

Every year the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community publishes a calendar especially for our city.
In the calendar there were marked dates of Jewish holidays and Nizhny Novgorod time of ignition of Shabbat and holiday candles. Also there are congratulations with the Jewish New Year by the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region and the Mayor of the city.

The calendar is designed by illustrations by the world known artist of Alex Levin. You may buy the calendar in the synagogue. If parishioners of the synagogue take part in prayers of Tishrei they will get the calendar free.

To download the electronic version click here
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There Published Issue 22 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Rosh Ha-Shanah

In the paper there is information of holiday events in the synagogue to come, photos from the kids camp of ‘Gan Isroel’, news of our community, various interviews etc.

The paper is mailed all Jews of the city. Also you can download the electronic version of the paper clicking here.

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The Congratulation by the Governor of the Nizhny Novgorod Region of V.P. Shantsev

Dear friends!

Accept the most sincere congratulations with the holiday of Rosh Ha-Shanah!

The symbol of the beginning of the New Year is rooted in the thousand –years history of a most ancient peoples of the Earth as recognition of the great life –giving and optimistic power.
On this day people celebrate finishing an outgoing year. They draw a line under all what is achieved and experienced from the moment of the last celebration. And surely they greet the time to come because it shows new opportunities and prospects, bears good hopes for happiness and well-being.

This holiday of peace and joy is destined to keep the cultural, spiritual and moral base of the people, to fill their hearts by love to their neighbors, by faith in triumph of the true values.
I wish you health, sincere affection and concord to your homes, progress in all your undertakings, understanding and support from your relatives and friends!

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The Congratulation by the Department of Culture of Nizhny Novgorod

We are congratulating all members of the Jewish community of the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue with coming of the New Year of 5771 accordingly to the Jewish calendar. It is your national holiday of Rosh Ha-Shanah! The New Year is the favorite holiday of all peoples, a holiday of joy and hope, of friendly contacts. Finally it is a family holiday.

National, cultural and religious traditions being kept by Nizhny Novgorod Jews for a long time order people to give these days with especial care joy to their neighbors and to bring peace and concord to all persons.

Observance of such splendid customs by all national communities good-neighborly living in our ancient and beautiful city serves to development of productive inter-religious dialog in the modern society.

We wish you on the New Year days of the Rosh Ha-Shanah progress in all your undertakings, prosperity and family happiness!
The Administration of Nizhny Novgorod. The director of the Department S.A. Gorin.

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There Finished Works for Improvement of the Central Entrance of the Nizhny Novgorod Synagogue

There finished improvement of the square in front of the central entrance of the synagogue: They laid cube and borders. The repairing lasted for about a month. The improvement was done thanks to the President of the community of Eduard M. Chaprak.

To view photos click the total article.

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Nizhny Novgorod Jews Help Victims of the Fire

Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community and the fund of ‘The Jewish Center of ‘Chesed Sara’ is announcing collection of humanitarian aid for victims of the fire. It is cloths and good domestic things.

Taking is done from the 16th to the 25th of August in the building of the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue on the first floor at the address of 5A, the Gruzinskaya street.

The work time of taking of humanitarian aid:

From Monday to Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Phone: 433-40-21.

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The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community Commemorated the Ninth of Av

On Monday, July, 19, tens of Jews assembled in the synagogue to commemorate the ninth of Av. Accordingly to the Jewish tradition on that day they ruined he first and second Temples. So sages appointed this date as a day of fasting and prayers.

After the Maariv everyone sat on the floor conforming to the mourning tradition. The Rabbi of Menachem Rabinovich read the scroll of Eiha. It is usually read on the ninth of Av. Simultaneously they showed the live of the prayer at the Kotel from Jerusalem. Thousands of Jews assembled there and were reading the scroll.

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An Affecting Ceremony Was in Nizhny Novgorod. It Was a Rite of Redemptrion of a First-born for a Baby of One Month

On Thursday, July, 8, to Nizhny Novgorod there arrived Shneior Kohan, a judge of the Moscow Jewish Court especially to lead a ceremony of redemption of a first-born. He is a Rabbi and a Kohan at the same time. He performed this rite according to all Jewish laws. He redeemed the first-born of Baruch who is a son of the Belotserkovskies of Misha and Miriam. That day the kid was one month sharp. Also the Rabbi redeemed other adult first-borns who had not yet done this ceremony.
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Four Kids Did the Ceremony of Circumcision in the Camp of ‘Gan Isroel’

On the latest day of the program for boys in the camp of ‘Gan Isroel’ a few boys joined the commandment by Abraham Avinu and did the ceremony of circumcision. It was done by the Mohel and surgeon of Shai Shofit from Moscow. The kids chose for them Jewish names: Zvi Girsh in honor of a granddad, David in honor of the King of David, Menachem-Mendel in honor of the Lubavich Rebe. The especially affecting minute was when a kid chose for him the name of Raphael Amus in honor of the father of the Rabbanit of Yael Bergman because he had gone out from us to the other world two years ago.
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There Finished Rest in the Summer camp of ‘Gan Isroel” in Nizhny Novgorod

Every year the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community organizes the summer camp where kids may rest from studying in first-rate centers. This year such camp was in the recreation center of “Sputnik” in the Gorodets area. Programs for boys and girls lasted by 10 days each. The kids excellent rested. Various entertaining programs were prepared for them. The kids were studying the Jewish tradition and culture, taking part in sport events.

The chief Rabbi of the region of Shimon Bergman mentioned with pleasure that he saw on joyful faces of the kids them want to pass the next summer in our camp.

For view the photos click the total article.

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The Summer Camp of ‘Zvaim’ in the School of ‘Or Avner’

In the school there started to work the summer camp of ‘Zvaim’. In translation from Hebrew it means ‘a rainbow’. The motto of the camp chosen by leaders and kids was the words from the song of ‘So Be Always’ according to the tune of the ‘Sun Circle’:

‘To go always and everywhere with the Torah

Is the most principal in life.

If the God had not helped our people it would have been lost,

And with him it will never be missing.


Let they always study the Torah,

Let they always love Mitzvoth,

Let Rabbi be good,

And let the Moshiah come.’

Let us ask what there think of our camp the kids.

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Mazal Tov!

On June, 14, Monday there was a ceremony of circumcision of two babies and two adults. The first-born of the Belotserkovskies of Misha and Miriam were called Baruch in honor of his granddad. The baby of the Zbarskies of Yuliya and Andrei were called David. Brit-mila was also done by Daniel Dorensky and Sasha Kopylov who chose the name of Menachem-Mendel in honor of the Lubavich Rabbi. The ceremony was led by the Mohel of Shai Shofit from Moscow. He already performed more than 4000 such operations in the whole world!

To view the photo gallery of the ceremony click the total article.

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The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community celebrated Shavuot

More than one hundred kids with their parents came on May 19 to the synagogue. At first they assembled in the prayer hall, were listening to the Ten Commandments. After prayers the kids were invited to the banquet hall for an especial entertaining program prepared by the Rabbanits of Yael Bergman and Khaya Rabinovich. For its conducting the kids heard stories of the essence of the holiday of Shavuot etc.

On Thursday, May 20, a few hundreds Jews arrived to the synagogue to read the memorial prayer (Yizkor).

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The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community celebrated the Victory Day

On Wednesday, May 5, in the banquet hall of synagogue there assembled more than 40 veterans of Jews to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people over fascist Germany. At the first part of this event in front of them there appeared students of the school of “Or Avner” who had prepared a holyday concert. Songs and poems of wartime were performed. After the concert there made a congratulatory speech the principal of the Jewish school of “Or Avner”of Marina L. Pashton, the leader of the Jewish Cultural Autonomy of Susanna D. Turayeva, the manager of the Jewish center of “Chesed Sara” Yuliya Gornushenkova and the Chief Rabbi of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon Bergman. After the official part the veterans were invited for the holiday dinner.
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There Published Issue 21 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Holiday of Shavuot

The paper of the Nizhny Novgorod Community is mailed all Jew of the city.

In the paper you can read news of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community, see photos from the festival of bringing the new scroll of Torah, and also read congratulations by Pavel E. Syrkin with the holiday of the Great Victory of May 9.

This issue of the paper almost totally is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Jewish school of “Or Avner”. Here they published letters by its students and their parents and also congratulations directed at the teachers and the other employees.

You can download the electronic version of the paper by clicking here.

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The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community Celebrated Lag B’Omer

On Sunday, May 9, more than 150 persons came to the recreation center of “Sputnik” to celebrate the holyday of Lag B’Omer. For the festival there were various contests with prizes, entertainment programs for kids and adults, refreshments including kebabs made by cocks of the restaurant of “Shalom”.

To see the photos open the full article.

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Pesach in the Community

This year, 5770, the holyday of Pesach was celebrated especially festive and crowded. At first still before the start of the holyday members of the community had an opportunity of buying kosher matzoth and juice, and also of preparing for the holiday.

On March 29 there was the first Seder. For the majority of members of the community the Seder was conducted in the banquet hall, for young people the Seder was done individually, in the prayer hall. There were a lot of people, and the tables were laid festive. Shimon Bergman was conducting the Seder; all was recited was reciting the Haggadah (the real story of Pesach). This reciting was accompanied by singing of the cantor of our guest who is a cousin of the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman. The name of the cousin is also Shimon Bergman. At the Seder there presented 300 persons.

On March 30 there was the second Seder for persons giving sponsor support to the community.

On April, 1 the Jewish National Autonomy was conducting the festival of “Pesach is a Holyday of Freedom”. At the festival there were about 100 persons, there was sounding music performed by the famous musicians of Alexander Shihshkin and Alexander Rose-Marie.

The festival of Pesach in the community was a success.

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Aid to Kids Is not Stopped

And again by the Nizhny Novgorod Synagogue there are working the charitable program of “Aid to Kids” truly supported by the philanthropic fund of “Keren le-Edidut”. Now there are a few charity actions: Kids of families of scanty means are getting kosher sausage, other foodstuffs and spring footwear. There also exist programs of financial aid to needy members of the community. In difficult economical conditions families of scanty means need financial support very much. All its recipients thank the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman and organizers of the program of “Aid to Kids”. Here is a quotation of testimonial letters of the kids: “My brother and me want to thank for the aid given by you. The three of us live with our mom, she is sick bad and sometimes don’t work for a long time. G-d grant you health, you are very responsive and sensitive.” It is double pleasant to realize that we help people and bring joy to their homes.
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On March, 21 in the Building of the Nizhny Novgorod Synagogue There Was a Grandiose Event Timed to Bringing a New Scroll of Torah Gifted for our Community by Yury Vasilyev

Especially for it to be at the festival there came guests from Moscow and Israel. It was students of the school of “Chabad Or Avner” (the city of Nizhny Novgorod) and students of the religious school of Shvidler for boys (the city of Moscow) that took direct part in the festival program. Also there participated the musical group of “Shlyager” (Israel) of Aaron Lipsker (accompaniment) and Yoni Berger (singing).

To see the video record of bringing the scroll of Torah shown on the TV channel of “Vesti” click here.

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My Mom and Me Are Preparing for Pesach

On March, 14 in the banquet hall of our synagogue for students of the Jewish school of “Chabad Or Avner” there was a unique family event having the intriguing name of “My Mom and Me Are Preparing for Pesach”. The Rabbanits of Yael Bergman and Khaya Rabinovich organized the event.
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There Published Issue 20 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Holiday of Pesach

The paper which is mailed all Jew of the city you can read the entire information of celebration of Pesach and the summer camp. Also there is an interview with Mr. Eduard B. Fertelmeister, the principal of the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatoire, and other news of our community.

The paper is printed in 3700 copies.

You can download the electronic version of the paper by clicking here

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Bar-Mitzvah is an Important Event in the Life of a Young Man

How wonderful fast there flies time! Quite recently this little boy came to the primary school. And here already David Mylnikov is celebrating his Bar-Mitzvah, a very important stage in life of every Jewish kid.

For festivities to the synagogue they invited consequential and honored guests, friends and classmates. At the festival there were congratulations in honor of David, they were singing songs. But also David himself recited a chapter of Torah by heart.

We are congratulating him with Jewish majority! Now he is responsible in the face of the Almighty already himself.
To view photos open the entire article.

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On Febryary, 7, in the Banquet Hall of the Synagogue There Was a Meeting Concert

of the composer of Khaim-Fima Shkolnik dedicated to the 50th anniversary of his musical work.

In the concert there took part the famous variety singer of Maria Moldavskaia who had been of tour in Israel, England, China. Her soprano, wonderful natural and virtuoso manner to behave on the stage made an enormous impression on the spectators. By the way her husband of Yury Moldavsky who was a soundman at this concert is a famous guitarist who had gotten in Israel the Golden Prize.

At the second part as played by Evgeniy Martynov there were shown fragments of the performance of “Pedestrian” according to poems by Osip Mandelshtam with the music by Khaim Shkolnik produced by the people theater lead by Zoya Kulikovskaya.

And in conclusion of the concert the audience was enjoying compositions by the person whose anniversary was celebrated. These compositions were played by their author. Looking at him we can only stagger his inexhaustible creative and life energy.

To view photos open the entire article.

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The Wonderful Purim Festival

“Purim Sameah!” means “Merry Purim!”. By this words there greeted one another everyone who visiting the synagogue to listen to reading the scroll by Ester (Megilat Ester) at the end of Shabbat of February, 27. Maybe for first time Purim fell on the very time.
On Sunday in the building of the synagogue there was a family festival. Probably many persons know that according to the tradition in Purim they arrange masquerades and amuse themselves. Our community could not be aside from this fine tradition.

To view the photos open the entire article (there are more than 60 photos!).

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Everything of the Week of Natural Sciences in the School of “Or Avner”

The first week of February passed under the auspices of natural sciences and was rich of interesting and educational events that were conducted by teachers and students of higher grades. Especial bias was done aside the subject of the quarter.

The educational discussion on the theme of “Minerals” was conducted by students of the 9th grade. Our six-graders presenting at the event were fascinated by stories of higher-graders very much and learned the much new. Special attention was given to individual minerals with unusual and properties seldom found.

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The Office on Legal Aid for All Persons Interested

Mind out!
In the Jewish Society there is starting to work an office on legal aid for all persons interested.
A certificated lawyer consults on all legal problems interesting for you. Recording for consulting by phone of 434-49-07 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. everyday except Sunday and Monday.
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There Published Issue 19 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Holiday of Purim

The paper which is mailed all Jew of the city you can read the entire information of celebration of Purim, which will be with God’s help on February, 28, in the synagogue at 2.30 p.m. Also there is a gallery of photos taken from the ceremony of “Person of the Year” which was in Chanukah, and an interview with Mrs. Olga N. Shumakova, the president of the regular committee on education, culture and sport of the City Duma, and another news of our community.

The paper is printed in 3700 copies.

You can download the electronic version of the paper by clicking here

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There Perished a Young Jewish man

Sioma Shvidler smashed himself to death. The five words fast spread round our young persons and having heard this you refused to believe a receiver… It is impossible for a person for whom every second is filled by easy humor, who wished to attract to himself a collocutor, to discuss something, to tell him or her something, who drew persons to himself by his smile, to perish in a traffic accident almost without having started to live…

It is sorry and terrible: There is a sensation of some unfairness and unreality of this bad event is like a terrible dream. But cold ringing silence of the cemetery of Maryina Roshcha returns you to this unimaginable reality. No Sioma anymore…

We came almost all: the first did to your block, the second did to the cemetery. You were unique, we took part with you in appearance of the Club of Jolly and Quick-witted persons (KVN) on the stage of the Nizhny Novgorod City Theatre, we argued with you, you were only such and were not like anybody: you were an especial Jewish lad.

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How It Is Splendidly That All We Here Today Assembled!

Finally we are together! And it is magnificently!

On January, 24, in the club of “The Chesed” there assembled all, all, all: employers and volunteers, clients, representatives of Jewish organizations of the city, members of the Council, friends. There were two important events: the third anniversary of the charitable foundation of “Chesed Sara” and the new home.

“Finally Jews of Nizhny Novgorod found their own warm house of which there dreamt everything for many years. Thus the new home is a holiday for all”, said for the opening the Rabbi of Nizhny Novgorod synagogue Shimon Bergman.

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Tu B’Shevat Sameah

11 p.m. Here is the Alexeevsky shopping mall. Three madri were doing the latest preparations for a festival for kids. Little boys and girls and their parents knew of this only that somewhere in the Alexeevsky shopping mall at 11 p.m. there would be celebration of Tu B’Shevat…

Comfortable rooms of the kids center of “Vyruchalochka” (“Rescuer”) are prepared for conducting events for the least kids. However boys and girl who are older liked this place too. Mikhail Shteiman, Zhanna Maslova, Roman Sverdlov and Vladimir Andriyanov who had joined them prepared for the kids a very interesting program. Little boys and girls were learning of traditions of Tu B’Shevat by means of merry and fascinating games. At first they were seeking for a tree which would tell them a nice parable of the history of this holiday. Then the boys and the girls started to color postcards which they wanted to give their moms and dads. The merriest part of the festival was a photo session with colorful images of fruit.

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The Festive Interethnic Event of “Peculiarities of Celebration of a National New Year ”

On January, 29, in a room of the State TV and Broadcast Company of “Nizhny Novgorod” there were a unusual and extremely colorful festive event called “The Peculiarities of Celebration of a National New Year.” Such event was in our city for the first time. The event was conducted on the initiative of the Ministry of Internal Politics of the Nizhny Novgorod region. By having anticipated I will say that the first practice was successful. In the festival there took part representatives of 14 national associations: Tartar, Ukrainians, Jews, Armenians, Koreans, Byelorussians, Chuvash, Mari, Azerbaijanians, Turkmen, Tajik, Ossetin, Gypsy, Mordvinians and other peoples living in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Every national group had its own table, list of participants, creative group.

The purpose of this event is presentation of national traditions and cultural peculiarities of celebration of a national New Year by peoples living in our region.

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Hot Line on Anti-Semitism

In the Nizhny Novgorod synagogue the hot line on Anti-Semitism is renewed its work.

If you are undergone discrimination on the basis of the religion or Anti-Semitism you may consult with our lawyer.

Recording for consulting by the hot line phone of 434-49-07.


The hot line works from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. everyday except Saturday and Sunday.
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То Keep in Mind and Never Forget

Every people, every country has their dates which are not celebrated or commemorated by other ones because everything has its own history. But there are such events which become significant and are commemorated in various countries. One of them is an enormous tragedy which was with the Jewish people in the years of the World War II. This tragedy has a few names: the Catastrophe, the Holocaust, the Shoah, but the essence is same, death of 6 millions Jews.

On January, 27, in the school of “Or Avner” in common with the Jewish National and Cultural Autonomy headed by Susanna D. Turaieva by informational support of the PR department of the machinery of the governor and the government of Nizhny Novgorod region they conducted mournful ceremony. To the school there came former Jewish young prisoners of ghettos and Nazi concentration camps. In our city there are only ten. They are already very old and not very healthy people, but they found time and power for visiting the school and talking with kids.

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The Great Miracle Happened with the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman

On Tuesday, January 26, 2010, the Chief Rabbi of Nizhny Novgorod was returning to our city from Moscow where had been at a very important meeting with functionaries of a foundation who had helped us in building the synagogue by participating of the Chief Rabbi of Russia of Berl Lazar. Near the town of Vladimir in a very slippery length the car was suddenly removed aside, it turned over a few times and fell down to the ditch awry. Besides the Rabbi in the car there were Igor Yavorsky and two Israeli lads. All they got out of the car without of injuries! One of the boys for the crash was in the car without of footwear, jumped out without it too and was barefoot. In a few minutes at the same place one car was carried away too, but it did not turned over and stopped at the center strip. The lad who felt very cold at once sat into the car to warm himself…

A few cars stopped to help our victims and called workers of the State Vehicular Traffic Safety Inspectorate and of ambulance. Also to the place of the accident there came the President of the Jewish Community of the town of Vladimir of Lev R. Shamaiev. Simultaneously from Nizhny Novgorod there departed Boris Ye. Sherman to bring all victims home.

Owing to the accident the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman decided to invite Jews of Nizhny Novgorod to pass together one Shabbat according to all rules of Judaic faith, take part in a meal and be together on the Shabbat from the beginning to the end.

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Tens of Women Visited the Culinary Club

In the Center of Studying Judaism there opened a culinary club for women which will be work every month. On January, 14, in the synagogue there was the first assembly in which there took part tens of women. For the class they studied to cook Shabbat dishes including making salads and baking challah. The meeting was conducted by the Rabanit of Yael Bergman. The next assembly will be with the God’s help on February, 18. The subject of the class is “It is sweet in one’s mouth, it’s sweet in one’s heart.” They will be told of recipes of sweet dishes for the holiday of Purim.
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We wish Mazl Tov to Shimon Bergman in Honor of His 35th Birthday!

On Wednesday, Tevet, 27 (January, 13), the Chief Rabbi of Nizhny Novgorod of Shimon Bergman was 35.

On Sunday, January 17, in the banquet hall of the synagogue there assembled businessmen of the city, who support the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community very much, and also here there were friends and relatives of the Rabbi. All they celebrated this important event. Susanna D. Turaieva opened the party by her congratulations and wishes of good health and luck for the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman and the Rabbanit of Yael Bergman. Then Mrs. Turaieva invited the President of the Community Eduard M. Chaprak to deliver a congratulatory speech. After that the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman thanked all presenting persons for congratulations and wishes. Also he mentioned that there had recently been in Nizhny Novgorod a new brand: Businessmen of the city assembled every Shabbat in the synagogue to pray. Also he called everyone to visit the synagogue and to be a part of the Community what would be a spiritual gift for his birthday.

For the party all invited persons had an opportunity to congratulate the Rabbi. The party was in warm atmosphere at fine laid tables with tasty dishes. The excellent musicians of Leonid Bronshtein and Vitaly Yankov performed rousing Jewish songs and melodies.

To view the photos open the entire article.
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For the First Time in Nizhny Novgorod : in the Jewish Community There Created the Educational Center for All Ages Persons

The center which is created to the initiative of the Center of Studying Judaism and with the help of leaders of the Jewish community presents wide choice of lectures and courses for all ages persons. The majority of them will be taught in the building of the synagogue.

E.g. there will be Judaism, history, English for adults, Jewish English for kids, theater art for adults, culinary club for women etc.
The educational center published a brochure in which you can find the whole information of the courses and find out their cost. For downloading the booklet click here (4 Mb).

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It Is Warm, Comfortable and Food Is Tasty

The holiday of Chanukah is one of Light for centuries supporting in the Jewish people the sensation of the miracle. This year in Nizhny Novgorod Chanukah was celebrated by the ceremony of handing prize in the nomination of “Person of the Year”. In contradistinction to a lot of such events its laureates are not winners of any contest where there are losers. For this ceremony they told of people without whose activity the community would have lived absolutely differently. The celebration was in the situation of a large family where everything exists for the common weal.

For view of photos click for reading the whole article.

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