On March, 21 in the Building of the Nizhny Novgorod Synagogue There Was a Grandiose Event Timed to Bringing a New Scroll of Torah Gifted for our Community by Yury Vasilyev

Especially for it to be at the festival there came guests from Moscow and Israel. It was students of the school of “Chabad Or Avner” (the city of Nizhny Novgorod) and students of the religious school of Shvidler for boys (the city of Moscow) that took direct part in the festival program. Also there participated the musical group of “Shlyager” (Israel) of Aaron Lipsker (accompaniment) and Yoni Berger (singing).

To see the video record of bringing the scroll of Torah shown on the TV channel of “Vesti” click here.

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My Mom and Me Are Preparing for Pesach

On March, 14 in the banquet hall of our synagogue for students of the Jewish school of “Chabad Or Avner” there was a unique family event having the intriguing name of “My Mom and Me Are Preparing for Pesach”. The Rabbanits of Yael Bergman and Khaya Rabinovich organized the event.
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There Published Issue 20 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Holiday of Pesach

The paper which is mailed all Jew of the city you can read the entire information of celebration of Pesach and the summer camp. Also there is an interview with Mr. Eduard B. Fertelmeister, the principal of the Nizhny Novgorod Conservatoire, and other news of our community.

The paper is printed in 3700 copies.

You can download the electronic version of the paper by clicking here

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Bar-Mitzvah is an Important Event in the Life of a Young Man

How wonderful fast there flies time! Quite recently this little boy came to the primary school. And here already David Mylnikov is celebrating his Bar-Mitzvah, a very important stage in life of every Jewish kid.

For festivities to the synagogue they invited consequential and honored guests, friends and classmates. At the festival there were congratulations in honor of David, they were singing songs. But also David himself recited a chapter of Torah by heart.

We are congratulating him with Jewish majority! Now he is responsible in the face of the Almighty already himself.
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On Febryary, 7, in the Banquet Hall of the Synagogue There Was a Meeting Concert

of the composer of Khaim-Fima Shkolnik dedicated to the 50th anniversary of his musical work.

In the concert there took part the famous variety singer of Maria Moldavskaia who had been of tour in Israel, England, China. Her soprano, wonderful natural and virtuoso manner to behave on the stage made an enormous impression on the spectators. By the way her husband of Yury Moldavsky who was a soundman at this concert is a famous guitarist who had gotten in Israel the Golden Prize.

At the second part as played by Evgeniy Martynov there were shown fragments of the performance of “Pedestrian” according to poems by Osip Mandelshtam with the music by Khaim Shkolnik produced by the people theater lead by Zoya Kulikovskaya.

And in conclusion of the concert the audience was enjoying compositions by the person whose anniversary was celebrated. These compositions were played by their author. Looking at him we can only stagger his inexhaustible creative and life energy.

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The Wonderful Purim Festival

“Purim Sameah!” means “Merry Purim!”. By this words there greeted one another everyone who visiting the synagogue to listen to reading the scroll by Ester (Megilat Ester) at the end of Shabbat of February, 27. Maybe for first time Purim fell on the very time.
On Sunday in the building of the synagogue there was a family festival. Probably many persons know that according to the tradition in Purim they arrange masquerades and amuse themselves. Our community could not be aside from this fine tradition.

To view the photos open the entire article (there are more than 60 photos!).

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Everything of the Week of Natural Sciences in the School of “Or Avner”

The first week of February passed under the auspices of natural sciences and was rich of interesting and educational events that were conducted by teachers and students of higher grades. Especial bias was done aside the subject of the quarter.

The educational discussion on the theme of “Minerals” was conducted by students of the 9th grade. Our six-graders presenting at the event were fascinated by stories of higher-graders very much and learned the much new. Special attention was given to individual minerals with unusual and properties seldom found.

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The Office on Legal Aid for All Persons Interested

Mind out!
In the Jewish Society there is starting to work an office on legal aid for all persons interested.
A certificated lawyer consults on all legal problems interesting for you. Recording for consulting by phone of 434-49-07 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. everyday except Sunday and Monday.
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