The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community celebrated Shavuot

More than one hundred kids with their parents came on May 19 to the synagogue. At first they assembled in the prayer hall, were listening to the Ten Commandments. After prayers the kids were invited to the banquet hall for an especial entertaining program prepared by the Rabbanits of Yael Bergman and Khaya Rabinovich. For its conducting the kids heard stories of the essence of the holiday of Shavuot etc.

On Thursday, May 20, a few hundreds Jews arrived to the synagogue to read the memorial prayer (Yizkor).

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The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community celebrated the Victory Day

On Wednesday, May 5, in the banquet hall of synagogue there assembled more than 40 veterans of Jews to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Victory of the Soviet people over fascist Germany. At the first part of this event in front of them there appeared students of the school of “Or Avner” who had prepared a holyday concert. Songs and poems of wartime were performed. After the concert there made a congratulatory speech the principal of the Jewish school of “Or Avner”of Marina L. Pashton, the leader of the Jewish Cultural Autonomy of Susanna D. Turayeva, the manager of the Jewish center of “Chesed Sara” Yuliya Gornushenkova and the Chief Rabbi of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon Bergman. After the official part the veterans were invited for the holiday dinner.
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There Published Issue 21 of the Paper of “Be Yachad” Dedicated to the Holiday of Shavuot

The paper of the Nizhny Novgorod Community is mailed all Jew of the city.

In the paper you can read news of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community, see photos from the festival of bringing the new scroll of Torah, and also read congratulations by Pavel E. Syrkin with the holiday of the Great Victory of May 9.

This issue of the paper almost totally is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the Jewish school of “Or Avner”. Here they published letters by its students and their parents and also congratulations directed at the teachers and the other employees.

You can download the electronic version of the paper by clicking here.

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The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community Celebrated Lag B’Omer

On Sunday, May 9, more than 150 persons came to the recreation center of “Sputnik” to celebrate the holyday of Lag B’Omer. For the festival there were various contests with prizes, entertainment programs for kids and adults, refreshments including kebabs made by cocks of the restaurant of “Shalom”.

To see the photos open the full article.

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Pesach in the Community

This year, 5770, the holyday of Pesach was celebrated especially festive and crowded. At first still before the start of the holyday members of the community had an opportunity of buying kosher matzoth and juice, and also of preparing for the holiday.

On March 29 there was the first Seder. For the majority of members of the community the Seder was conducted in the banquet hall, for young people the Seder was done individually, in the prayer hall. There were a lot of people, and the tables were laid festive. Shimon Bergman was conducting the Seder; all was recited was reciting the Haggadah (the real story of Pesach). This reciting was accompanied by singing of the cantor of our guest who is a cousin of the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman. The name of the cousin is also Shimon Bergman. At the Seder there presented 300 persons.

On March 30 there was the second Seder for persons giving sponsor support to the community.

On April, 1 the Jewish National Autonomy was conducting the festival of “Pesach is a Holyday of Freedom”. At the festival there were about 100 persons, there was sounding music performed by the famous musicians of Alexander Shihshkin and Alexander Rose-Marie.

The festival of Pesach in the community was a success.

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