The Summer Camp of ‘Zvaim’ in the School of ‘Or Avner’

In the school there started to work the summer camp of ‘Zvaim’. In translation from Hebrew it means ‘a rainbow’. The motto of the camp chosen by leaders and kids was the words from the song of ‘So Be Always’ according to the tune of the ‘Sun Circle’:

‘To go always and everywhere with the Torah

Is the most principal in life.

If the God had not helped our people it would have been lost,

And with him it will never be missing.


Let they always study the Torah,

Let they always love Mitzvoth,

Let Rabbi be good,

And let the Moshiah come.’

Let us ask what there think of our camp the kids.

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Mazal Tov!

On June, 14, Monday there was a ceremony of circumcision of two babies and two adults. The first-born of the Belotserkovskies of Misha and Miriam were called Baruch in honor of his granddad. The baby of the Zbarskies of Yuliya and Andrei were called David. Brit-mila was also done by Daniel Dorensky and Sasha Kopylov who chose the name of Menachem-Mendel in honor of the Lubavich Rabbi. The ceremony was led by the Mohel of Shai Shofit from Moscow. He already performed more than 4000 such operations in the whole world!

To view the photo gallery of the ceremony click the total article.

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