The Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community Commemorated the Ninth of Av

On Monday, July, 19, tens of Jews assembled in the synagogue to commemorate the ninth of Av. Accordingly to the Jewish tradition on that day they ruined he first and second Temples. So sages appointed this date as a day of fasting and prayers.

After the Maariv everyone sat on the floor conforming to the mourning tradition. The Rabbi of Menachem Rabinovich read the scroll of Eiha. It is usually read on the ninth of Av. Simultaneously they showed the live of the prayer at the Kotel from Jerusalem. Thousands of Jews assembled there and were reading the scroll.

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An Affecting Ceremony Was in Nizhny Novgorod. It Was a Rite of Redemptrion of a First-born for a Baby of One Month

On Thursday, July, 8, to Nizhny Novgorod there arrived Shneior Kohan, a judge of the Moscow Jewish Court especially to lead a ceremony of redemption of a first-born. He is a Rabbi and a Kohan at the same time. He performed this rite according to all Jewish laws. He redeemed the first-born of Baruch who is a son of the Belotserkovskies of Misha and Miriam. That day the kid was one month sharp. Also the Rabbi redeemed other adult first-borns who had not yet done this ceremony.
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Four Kids Did the Ceremony of Circumcision in the Camp of ‘Gan Isroel’

On the latest day of the program for boys in the camp of ‘Gan Isroel’ a few boys joined the commandment by Abraham Avinu and did the ceremony of circumcision. It was done by the Mohel and surgeon of Shai Shofit from Moscow. The kids chose for them Jewish names: Zvi Girsh in honor of a granddad, David in honor of the King of David, Menachem-Mendel in honor of the Lubavich Rebe. The especially affecting minute was when a kid chose for him the name of Raphael Amus in honor of the father of the Rabbanit of Yael Bergman because he had gone out from us to the other world two years ago.
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There Finished Rest in the Summer camp of ‘Gan Isroel” in Nizhny Novgorod

Every year the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community organizes the summer camp where kids may rest from studying in first-rate centers. This year such camp was in the recreation center of “Sputnik” in the Gorodets area. Programs for boys and girls lasted by 10 days each. The kids excellent rested. Various entertaining programs were prepared for them. The kids were studying the Jewish tradition and culture, taking part in sport events.

The chief Rabbi of the region of Shimon Bergman mentioned with pleasure that he saw on joyful faces of the kids them want to pass the next summer in our camp.

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