Mazl Tov for the Family of Bergmans in Connection of Birth of the Son of Rafael Amos

On February 6, Sunday, in the family of the Chief Rabbi of Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon Bergman and his spouse of Yael there was born the seventh kid. According to the Jewish tradition for doing ceremony of circumcision they invited the Mohel of Shai Shofit from Moscow. The Brith Mila was done in the synagogue on February 13, Sunday. For the celebrating there also arrived the parents and an uncle of Shimon Bergman from Jerusalem. In addition, there were a sister of the Rabbi and her family from Moscow.

The baby was called Rafael Amos in honor of the farther of the Rabbanith of Yael Bergman. He had passed away two years ago after a serious disease.

We wish Bergmans Mazl Tov, health and peace.

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The miracle of Chanukah

This year the Chanukah was colored by sorrow in the all of Jewish world. In the fire there perished 41 persons; grave there suffered the unique National Park on the mountain of Karmel. How at a hard minute can we find a power to appeal to the Almighty with gratitude, how can we see a miracle? In the theater of ‘Komediya’ there was ceremony of investiture by the prize of ‘The Person of the Year’ which had already been traditional. The words uttered from the stage by the President of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community of Eduard Chaprak were symbolic:

- The Almighty gives ordeals to all. However, how there respond people to them so He renders the people. Now representatives of all countries went to Israel for rescuing but not for murdering. Moreover, this is a miracle! Mazal Tov!

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