Photo Gallery of the Holyday of Purim Which Was Celebrated in the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community

On March 20, Sunday, in the synagogue they celebrated the holyday of Purim in which there took part hundreds of kids and adults. At the beginning of the festival all assembled in the prayer hall and listened to reciting the Scroll of Ester. For the reciting they showed a dumb show film of the history of the holyday. At the end of the reciting all kids were invited to the conference chamber where they were waited by a jolly clown. After the show the kids took part in tens of contests and games prepared specially for the kids. At the same time in the prayer hall for adults there were appearance of artists of the Moscow Show Theater of “Tum Balalaika”. They were singing Jewish songs and made the festival to be very joyful and merry for adults too.

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They Published the 24th Issue of the Paper of “Be Yahad”. It Is Dedicated to the Holiday of Purim

In the paper you have opportunity to find the photo gallery of celebration of the holiday of Purim, news of our community and school, interesting articles etc.

The paper is mailed all Jew of the city.

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