They Have Published the 32th Issue of the Paper of “Be Yahad”, dedicated to the Holiday of Chanukah

We are presenting for you a usual issue of the paper of “Be Yahad”,

timed to coincide with Chanukah.

In the new issue, you will find:

Concise Chanukah guide;

  • Kaleidoscope of the most colourful and brilliant events in the school of “Or Avner”;
  • Biographies of outstanding residents of Nizhny Novgorod;
  • Report of celebration of Bar Mitzvah of Mendi Bergman and photos from the event.

They publish the paper in 3700 copies and mail all Jew of the city.

To download the electronic version of the paper click here

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Our Congratulations to Mendi on Bar Mitzvah

On November, 4, Sunday, in the café of “Regina” there was a good and ceremonial event. On this day Bar-Mizva (Jewish majority) there celebrates Mendi, the oldest son of the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman and Rabbanith of Yael Bergman. They were celebrating with a wide range: there assembled numerous relatives from Israel, friends from Nizhny Novgorod and other parts of Russia to congratulate the object of the ceremony. With accordance with the tradition, Mendi gave a talk before assembling people having recited Maamar, a speech of the Lubavitcher Rebbe of Bar-Mizva by heart. He also was a character of two mini-films shown at the party. The happy farther of Shimon Bergman had a congratulatory speech for the object of the ceremony. At this, the official part of the event finished, and further the guests were celebrating enjoying dances and tasty kosher food.

To see the photo gallery click here.

To see the movies of “How Is There Preparing to His Bar-Mizva the Son of the Rabbi” click here.

To see the movies of “Is Mendi in Israel or Is Mendi in Russia” click here

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Mazal Tov to Lida and Igor Fedotovs because of Their Wedding

On Friday, October 19, Heshvan 3, there was a Chuppah of Lida and Igor Fedotovs. Our community wholeheartedly is congratulating the newly-weds and wish them and their parents very happy future filled by love and mutual understanding.

To see photos of the Chuppah click here.

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All the Best Is for Kids

This fall Jewish families with little kids have received an excellent gift. It is a certificate to buy cloths in the system of shops of “Gloria Jeans”. One hundred kids have had an opportunity to fill up their wardrobe by warm and high-quality cloths. The action has been in frames of the program of “Aid to Kids” which is carried out by the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community by support of the fund of “Keren le-Edidut” for many years.

To see the photo gallery click here.

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The Day of Knowledge in the School of “Or Avner”

Here there is sunny warm September outside!

Our school has again opened wide the doors before its favorite students. All have had missed the home walls for summer: These are the teachers and students. All especially the first-graders want to hear the first school bell as soon as possible!

Here there is September 1, the Day of Knowledge!

All are nice, overfilled by emotions, with flowers in their hands, are crossing the school threshold.

This year the school of “Or Avner” has met its students not only with warmth and pleasure but also with anew-repaired classrooms. There are classrooms of chemistry and literature. Moreover, they have repaired them with accordance with the latest word in engineering!

It is clean, cozy, and nice around! In this beauty, it should want to study with doubled power too! Thanks to Shimon and Yael Bergman, the mistress of the school of Marina L. Pashton, who has strained every effort the kids to come in the new light classrooms!

At the festive school line, there were honored guests: O.N.Shumakova, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Policy of the Nizhny Novgorod region, E.M. Chaprak, the Head of the Jewish Community of our city, the Rabbi of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon Bergman, the supervisor of the school of Yael Bergman. Shimon Bergman wished many happy returns of not only the new school year but the holiday of Rosh ha-Shana.

For all Jews there is starting a New Year, one of chief Jewish holidays! It is time to sum up and to see to the future with a hope.

There gave affectingly talks the least students, first-graders, for who this day will be one of the most important ones in their life and who had left the school this year, our graduates. What warm and sincere words of gratitude sounded directed at the school and teachers!

There were songs, poems, either congratulations or brilliant speeches of all students of different grades. Everyone wanted to wish all many happy returns of the Day of Knowledge!

Moreover, it is not wonderful; you see that our school is a large family! However, how as your opinion there must meet close people after parting even if it is not long?

We wish all many happy returns of the holiday, happy new school year, once more!

Teachers, employers and students of the school of “Or Avner”

To see the photo gallery click here.

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The Camp of “Gan Isroel”: the Shift of 2012/5772

There finished shifts in the summer camp of “Gan Isroel”. Like last year they hearty welcomed kids from Nizhny Novgorod and other cities and towns in the Kazan hotel complex of “Regina”. The camp life was in full swing: For 9 rich days from August 6 to 15, the girls visited the entertaining park of “Kyrlay”, the water park and the dolphinarium, listened to a holiday concert and took part in various interesting games. However, from August 15 to 24, in the camp of “Gan Isroel” there was the shift of boys. In Kazan, they had an interesting entertaining program consisted of a steamer trip, carting, visiting of the water park and many other events. The kids and their parents had an opportunity to plunge into the warm Jewish atmosphere, and to relax after a rich of amusements day in comfortable rooms of the hotel of “Regina”.

To see the photo gallery of the shift of girls click here.

To see the photo gallery of the shift of boys click here.

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The Youth Seminar in Kazan

In accordance with the old good tradition for an August seminar in Kazan there assembled Jewish youth from Nizhny Novgorod and many other parts of Russia. In the collection of summer impressions, the participants, boys and girls, can add delight because of local beauties for their steamer trip and jolly passing of their time in a bowling hall. Extra there were splendid lectures on Judaic by the most talented teacher of the Rabbi of Baitman. Nevertheless, the most important was something, which it cannot measure by any units, the unique atmosphere of unity, rapture of youthfulness, joy from cognition of oneself and other people.

To see the photo gallery click here.

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The Film of Activity of the Community in 5772 (2011-2012)

The film summarizes activity of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Society in 5772 (2011-2012). They were showing the video on September 16 at a holyday party in honor of Rosh ha-Shana. We offer to recall the most significant events of the last year for Nizhny Novgorod Jew.

To see the movie click here.

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They Have Published the Calendar of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Society for 5773 (2012-2013)

The new calendar is devoted to activity of the school of “Or Avner” in Nizhny Novgorod. The title of the calendar is “The Jewish school yesterday, today and tomorrow in memoirs and reflections by its teachers, students and parents of the latter”

There are also in the calendar:

  • Wishes of many happy returns of Rosh ha-Shana by the governor of the Nizhny Novgorod region and the head of the city;
  • Photo gallery of the most impressive events of the last year;
  • Time of ignition of Shabbat and holiday candles;
  • Dates of Jewish holidays;

They mail the calendar to members of the community free.

One may buy the calendar from the Jewish shop in the synagogue.

To download an electronic version click here.

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Mazal Tov to Eva and Alexander Sharno because of Their Wedding

On Sunday, June 24, in the yard of the synagogue there was a Chuppah of Eva Velder and Alexander Sharno. The Rabbi of Shimon Bergman conducted the ceremony of the wedding.

We wish conjugal life of the newly-weds to be pure like a drop of spring water! We also wish them unquenchable light and warmth of hearth!

To see the photo gallery click here.

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Mazal Tov to Maria and Ilya Brusins because of birth of their First-Born Son

On Thursday, June 7, Sivan 17 in the family of Maria and Ilya Brusins there was born a kid.

In accordance with the Jewish tradition, on the 8th day in the building of the synagogue there was a ceremony of circumcision, Brit Milah. The first-born son was called Efraim (Yefim).

With all our hearts, we congratulate the Brusins with this joyful event.

We wish the little boy and to his parents happiness, health and peace.

To see the photo gallery click here.

To see the movie click here.

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Secrets of Dairy Cuisine and a Lot of other Things

On Sunday, May, 20, in the banquet hall of the synagogue under conducting of Yael Bergman and Haya Rabinovitz. This party was especially crowded and lively: dear women who had come for the event met not only “a food for thought and heart” but a caring laid table with different refreshments. As special guests, they had invited Mrs. Zhenya Rosenson and Mrs. Malya Makhlina who told of the especial destiny of the Jewish woman in the Jewish world. For the parishioners they also organized a master-class on dairy cuisine revealing subtleties of cooking of traditional Jewish dishes.

To see the photo gallery click here

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We are Congratulating Happy Parents:

Dmitry P. Birman with birth of his son of Pinchas named in honor of the father of Mr. Birman, and the following ceremony of Brith milah. To see the photo gallery from the circumcision click here

The Muravyovs of Shimon and Zhanna with the birth of the son of Menachem-Mendel and doing of Brith milah . To see the photo gallery from the circumcision click here

The Kufliks of David and Leah with the birth of the son of Menachem-Mendel and doing of Brith milah . To see the photo gallery from the circumcision click here

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River Row Because of the Holyday of Lag BaOmer

On May 9, the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish community celebrated Lag BaOmer having done a fascinating river row along the Volga. For little passengers at the comfortable motor ship they organized a special play program. The youth and adults sang their favorite songs to a karaoke. For the row there was working a kosher shop where the guests had an opportunity to treat themselves to various sweetmeats. The present people might also enjoy a nice view of a salute in honor of Victory Day.

To see the photo gallery of the river row click here

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There brought out the 31st Issue of the Paper of “Be-Yahad” Dedicated to the Holiday of Shavuot

In a new issue of the paper, you may see photos from the kid festival in the Crazy Park because of Pesach and from the river row along the Volga as a celebration of Lag BaOmer. In addition, in this issue, our Jewish youth compared notes with us of the travel to Lubavichy, and the Nizhny Novgorod national and cultural autonomy gave a report on the commemorative ceremony timed to Day of the Catastrophe and heroism. And surely on the pages of the May issue of the “Be Yahad” we are recalling of our dear veterans of M.Z. Budnitsky and B.A. Dekhtyar and all Nizhny Novgorod Jews who participated in the Great Patriotic War.

The paper has 3700 copies and they mail it to all Jews of Nizhny Novgorod.

To download the electronic version click here

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Merry Pesach

On April, 10 in the trade mall of “Fantastika”, in the “Crazy Park”, there reigned unusual animation. All the school of “Or Avner” and the kindergarten of “Gan Menachem” assembled there.

What is this? What happened? No-no, do not worry! It was just merry Pesach festival! Our sponsors had decided to do the kids a gift: everyone gave an opportunity to take part in all sideshows and in an entertaining show, to get sweet prizes. It was great! We did not already have such Pesach! At the festival, there were the Chief Rabbi of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon and the Rabbanith of Yael Bergman who were participating in the merriment together with the kids and singing holiday songs. The wonderful atmosphere of unity, warmness and joy reigned overall!

Well, at the end there was the festive delivery of gifts from the sponsors. Kids and their parents in the shop of “Detsky Mir” of the trade mall of “Respublika” had changed those gifts.

Thanks all sponsors and organizers for such wonderful festival!

To see the pictures click here.

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There brought out the 30th Issue of the Paper

Read in the new issue of the paper articles of Pesach to come: Learn more of its traditions and history of its celebration, and rejoice your relatives and friends by tasty dishes on the grounds of the recipes by the Rabbanith of Yael Bergman. Besides that, you can see a photo gallery from the celebration of Purim, read of the history of the Brusins family studied in the light of centuries, a report of the youth Jewish seminar in Gorodets and of many other things.

The paper has 3700 copies and they mail to all Jews of Nizhny Novgorod.

To download the electronic version of the paper click here.

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Youth Seminar in Gorodets: How It Was

From March, 8 to March, 10 in Gorodets there was the youth Jewish seminar. In it there participated more than 70 people from various cities and countries including Penza, Kazan, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and from many other places. At the seminar, the guests met many surprises, and in the first instance, it was the visit of the Rabbi from Israel of Yaakov Lerner. He, being very experienced lecturer and very wise and an interesting collocutor, caused an especial mood into the program and atmosphere of the event. His deep judgments did not remain anybody indifferent; everyone took part in discussions and learned for him or her lot of the much new. The organizers of the seminar did not forget also of entertaining program for the participants. Boys and girls went to the Gorodets Theater where everyone had an opportunity to choose attire under his or her taste. We congratulate the winners, team #3, which struck the judges by their passion and splendid jokes. The participants of the seminar saw the Shabbat in warm situation singing and dancing. In addition, at the end of the party the boys and girls were eating grills and singing to guitar! Thanks to all organizers and participants of the seminar for the wonderful passed time!

To see the pictures click here

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The Nizhny Novgorod Community Celebrated Purim

On March 7 Jews of Nizhny Novgorod celebrated Purim, impassioned holiday loved by many people for matchless atmosphere of a banquet and merriment. A ceremonial reading of the scroll by Ester in the prayer hall of the synagogue opened the night. After that in front of the people who to have come there appeared musicians of the jazz group of “Markiza i Parokhod”. For kids who had put on fancy dresses under the tradition there were a show of soup-bubbles and spreading grease paint.

Candyfloss, popcorn and various Purim sweets were waiting for the little sweet teeth. The celebration finished a splendid meal in the banquet hall where joyful speeches and wine were flooding.

They reflected the most colorful moments in the photo gallery of the celebration of Purim

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Memories of the Holocaust by a granny of the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman

This story is of Breindi Flaishman. This woman survived between millstones of the Holocaust and found her second birth in the life of her dear kids and grandkids.

Today seeing her numerous family she at the first time is telling of those terrible days of her past. In the conversation with her grandson of Shimon Breindi recalls of having changed her place in a line for tattoo to get to a woman who was writing the number finer and having got a slap in the face from her sister when Breindi had asked the sister when they would leave the camp alive. For many years, she and her husband were not telling of numbers on their arms. They were keeping silence: Maybe, they wanted to protect their descendant from heavy information or just because they wanted to forget all. In contrary now when their hundredth great-grandkid must be born the granddad of Shimon is sure: «Any time I did not understand why I had survived; now I know that it was for continuation of my blood line». This conversation is of faith, confidence and hope in the horror of the Holocaust.

They took the interview from the site of and they are publishing the material with consent of the author. Click here to see the video

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There brought out the 29th Issue of the Paper

In the paper, you have an opportunity to read news of our community and see a photo gallery from the celebration of Chanukah. In addition, you can find information of holiday events to come and youth seminar; get brief historical information of sources of the Holiday of Purim. You can familiarize yourself with biographies of our outstanding fellow city men, the members of the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community of P.E. Syrkin and B.A. Dekhtiar. The latter left us suddenly in February.

The paper has 3700 copies and they mail it to all Jews of Nizhny Novgorod.

To download the electronic version of the paper click here.

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Winners of the Chanukah Action

At the first time in Nizhny Novgorod, there was a contest for the best photo with an image of Chanukah candles. Tens of people responded to the creative initiative of the Nizhny Novgorod Community and shared these bright holiday days by incredible fine and interesting photos of their relatives and friends. In the end the happy owner of the Grand Prix (it is a travel to Israel) there was an educator of the kindergarten of “Gan Menachem” of Irina M. Parshina. She got the happy lottery ticket drawn in a lottery at the concert of “The Person of the Year”. Maria and Ilia Brusins won the encouraging prize for the second place (it is a player of iPod Nano). A Pentateuch of the Torah were handed one married couple more that had taken the third place in the contest: It was Maria and Mikhail Altshulers. These were family photos of the Brusins and the Altshulers that gathered the largest quantity of likings for voting a page of the community in the site of “Vkontakte”. We congratulate the winners warm and thanks to all who took part in the action!

Buy for next contests!

To see the pictures click here

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Congratulation with Opshernish of Zalman Rabinovitz

On January 10, Tuesday, in the banquet hall of the synagogue there was a festive ceremony on the reason of opshernish of the youngest son of Menachem Rabinovitz of Zalman. A big sister and brother of the hero of the celebration opened the festival: Yodi dedicated Zalman a song and Rivka recited a poem. Then assembled relatives and friends took part in hair-cutting Zalman: Every presenting person cut by scissors a lock from the head of the boy. Merry dances and warm conversation at the festive table finished the party. For the little guests there were invented a special entertaining kids program.

To see pictures from the festival click here.

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Holiday of Light

On December 26 in the Opera and Ballet House there were celebration of Chanukah and annual handing the prizes of “Person of the Year”. The hall of the House was full of guests, and it is not wonderful because Chanukah is one of the most favorite Jewish holidays. The city manager of Nizhny Novgorod of Oleg Sorokin and his deputy of Dmitry Birman give the spectators congratulatory speeches. The Rabbi of Shimon Bergman as always told the community a wise parable having congratulated all with the holiday of Chanukah, and after that there spoke Eduard M. Chaprak, the president of the community. Then there were handing the prizes “Person of the Year” which had been timed to the anniversary of the school of “Or Avner”. It is already giving kids for 10 years the wisdom of knowledge and the light of the doctrine of the Torah. It is the main reason of that all nominations were dedicated to people who not only had been founders of the community but nowadays make an invaluable contribution in its development too.

The concert of Alexander Zhurbin finished the party. The composer rejoiced the spectators by brilliant singing songs for shows and films. Everyone loves these compositions.

To see the photo gallery click here

To see the video click here

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