Winners of the Chanukah Action

At the first time in Nizhny Novgorod, there was a contest for the best photo with an image of Chanukah candles. Tens of people responded to the creative initiative of the Nizhny Novgorod Community and shared these bright holiday days by incredible fine and interesting photos of their relatives and friends. In the end the happy owner of the Grand Prix (it is a travel to Israel) there was an educator of the kindergarten of “Gan Menachem” of Irina M. Parshina. She got the happy lottery ticket drawn in a lottery at the concert of “The Person of the Year”. Maria and Ilia Brusins won the encouraging prize for the second place (it is a player of iPod Nano). A Pentateuch of the Torah were handed one married couple more that had taken the third place in the contest: It was Maria and Mikhail Altshulers. These were family photos of the Brusins and the Altshulers that gathered the largest quantity of likings for voting a page of the community in the site of “Vkontakte”. We congratulate the winners warm and thanks to all who took part in the action!

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Congratulation with Opshernish of Zalman Rabinovitz

On January 10, Tuesday, in the banquet hall of the synagogue there was a festive ceremony on the reason of opshernish of the youngest son of Menachem Rabinovitz of Zalman. A big sister and brother of the hero of the celebration opened the festival: Yodi dedicated Zalman a song and Rivka recited a poem. Then assembled relatives and friends took part in hair-cutting Zalman: Every presenting person cut by scissors a lock from the head of the boy. Merry dances and warm conversation at the festive table finished the party. For the little guests there were invented a special entertaining kids program.

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Holiday of Light

On December 26 in the Opera and Ballet House there were celebration of Chanukah and annual handing the prizes of “Person of the Year”. The hall of the House was full of guests, and it is not wonderful because Chanukah is one of the most favorite Jewish holidays. The city manager of Nizhny Novgorod of Oleg Sorokin and his deputy of Dmitry Birman give the spectators congratulatory speeches. The Rabbi of Shimon Bergman as always told the community a wise parable having congratulated all with the holiday of Chanukah, and after that there spoke Eduard M. Chaprak, the president of the community. Then there were handing the prizes “Person of the Year” which had been timed to the anniversary of the school of “Or Avner”. It is already giving kids for 10 years the wisdom of knowledge and the light of the doctrine of the Torah. It is the main reason of that all nominations were dedicated to people who not only had been founders of the community but nowadays make an invaluable contribution in its development too.

The concert of Alexander Zhurbin finished the party. The composer rejoiced the spectators by brilliant singing songs for shows and films. Everyone loves these compositions.

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