All the Best Is for Kids

This fall Jewish families with little kids have received an excellent gift. It is a certificate to buy cloths in the system of shops of “Gloria Jeans”. One hundred kids have had an opportunity to fill up their wardrobe by warm and high-quality cloths. The action has been in frames of the program of “Aid to Kids” which is carried out by the Nizhny Novgorod Jewish Community by support of the fund of “Keren le-Edidut” for many years.

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The Day of Knowledge in the School of “Or Avner”

Here there is sunny warm September outside!

Our school has again opened wide the doors before its favorite students. All have had missed the home walls for summer: These are the teachers and students. All especially the first-graders want to hear the first school bell as soon as possible!

Here there is September 1, the Day of Knowledge!

All are nice, overfilled by emotions, with flowers in their hands, are crossing the school threshold.

This year the school of “Or Avner” has met its students not only with warmth and pleasure but also with anew-repaired classrooms. There are classrooms of chemistry and literature. Moreover, they have repaired them with accordance with the latest word in engineering!

It is clean, cozy, and nice around! In this beauty, it should want to study with doubled power too! Thanks to Shimon and Yael Bergman, the mistress of the school of Marina L. Pashton, who has strained every effort the kids to come in the new light classrooms!

At the festive school line, there were honored guests: O.N.Shumakova, a representative of the Ministry of Internal Policy of the Nizhny Novgorod region, E.M. Chaprak, the Head of the Jewish Community of our city, the Rabbi of the Nizhny Novgorod region of Shimon Bergman, the supervisor of the school of Yael Bergman. Shimon Bergman wished many happy returns of not only the new school year but the holiday of Rosh ha-Shana.

For all Jews there is starting a New Year, one of chief Jewish holidays! It is time to sum up and to see to the future with a hope.

There gave affectingly talks the least students, first-graders, for who this day will be one of the most important ones in their life and who had left the school this year, our graduates. What warm and sincere words of gratitude sounded directed at the school and teachers!

There were songs, poems, either congratulations or brilliant speeches of all students of different grades. Everyone wanted to wish all many happy returns of the Day of Knowledge!

Moreover, it is not wonderful; you see that our school is a large family! However, how as your opinion there must meet close people after parting even if it is not long?

We wish all many happy returns of the holiday, happy new school year, once more!

Teachers, employers and students of the school of “Or Avner”

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The Youth Seminar in Kazan

In accordance with the old good tradition for an August seminar in Kazan there assembled Jewish youth from Nizhny Novgorod and many other parts of Russia. In the collection of summer impressions, the participants, boys and girls, can add delight because of local beauties for their steamer trip and jolly passing of their time in a bowling hall. Extra there were splendid lectures on Judaic by the most talented teacher of the Rabbi of Baitman. Nevertheless, the most important was something, which it cannot measure by any units, the unique atmosphere of unity, rapture of youthfulness, joy from cognition of oneself and other people.

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The Camp of “Gan Isroel”: the Shift of 2012/5772

There finished shifts in the summer camp of “Gan Isroel”. Like last year they hearty welcomed kids from Nizhny Novgorod and other cities and towns in the Kazan hotel complex of “Regina”. The camp life was in full swing: For 9 rich days from August 6 to 15, the girls visited the entertaining park of “Kyrlay”, the water park and the dolphinarium, listened to a holiday concert and took part in various interesting games. However, from August 15 to 24, in the camp of “Gan Isroel” there was the shift of boys. In Kazan, they had an interesting entertaining program consisted of a steamer trip, carting, visiting of the water park and many other events. The kids and their parents had an opportunity to plunge into the warm Jewish atmosphere, and to relax after a rich of amusements day in comfortable rooms of the hotel of “Regina”.

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