There brought out the 30th Issue of the Paper

Read in the new issue of the paper articles of Pesach to come: Learn more of its traditions and history of its celebration, and rejoice your relatives and friends by tasty dishes on the grounds of the recipes by the Rabbanith of Yael Bergman. Besides that, you can see a photo gallery from the celebration of Purim, read of the history of the Brusins family studied in the light of centuries, a report of the youth Jewish seminar in Gorodets and of many other things.

The paper has 3700 copies and they mail to all Jews of Nizhny Novgorod.

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Youth Seminar in Gorodets: How It Was

From March, 8 to March, 10 in Gorodets there was the youth Jewish seminar. In it there participated more than 70 people from various cities and countries including Penza, Kazan, Samara, Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and from many other places. At the seminar, the guests met many surprises, and in the first instance, it was the visit of the Rabbi from Israel of Yaakov Lerner. He, being very experienced lecturer and very wise and an interesting collocutor, caused an especial mood into the program and atmosphere of the event. His deep judgments did not remain anybody indifferent; everyone took part in discussions and learned for him or her lot of the much new. The organizers of the seminar did not forget also of entertaining program for the participants. Boys and girls went to the Gorodets Theater where everyone had an opportunity to choose attire under his or her taste. We congratulate the winners, team #3, which struck the judges by their passion and splendid jokes. The participants of the seminar saw the Shabbat in warm situation singing and dancing. In addition, at the end of the party the boys and girls were eating grills and singing to guitar! Thanks to all organizers and participants of the seminar for the wonderful passed time!

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The Nizhny Novgorod Community Celebrated Purim

On March 7 Jews of Nizhny Novgorod celebrated Purim, impassioned holiday loved by many people for matchless atmosphere of a banquet and merriment. A ceremonial reading of the scroll by Ester in the prayer hall of the synagogue opened the night. After that in front of the people who to have come there appeared musicians of the jazz group of “Markiza i Parokhod”. For kids who had put on fancy dresses under the tradition there were a show of soup-bubbles and spreading grease paint.

Candyfloss, popcorn and various Purim sweets were waiting for the little sweet teeth. The celebration finished a splendid meal in the banquet hall where joyful speeches and wine were flooding.

They reflected the most colorful moments in the photo gallery of the celebration of Purim

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Memories of the Holocaust by a granny of the Rabbi of Shimon Bergman

This story is of Breindi Flaishman. This woman survived between millstones of the Holocaust and found her second birth in the life of her dear kids and grandkids.

Today seeing her numerous family she at the first time is telling of those terrible days of her past. In the conversation with her grandson of Shimon Breindi recalls of having changed her place in a line for tattoo to get to a woman who was writing the number finer and having got a slap in the face from her sister when Breindi had asked the sister when they would leave the camp alive. For many years, she and her husband were not telling of numbers on their arms. They were keeping silence: Maybe, they wanted to protect their descendant from heavy information or just because they wanted to forget all. In contrary now when their hundredth great-grandkid must be born the granddad of Shimon is sure: «Any time I did not understand why I had survived; now I know that it was for continuation of my blood line». This conversation is of faith, confidence and hope in the horror of the Holocaust.

They took the interview from the site of and they are publishing the material with consent of the author. Click here to see the video

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