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Children Help Project

Since September 2007 Children Help Project have been carried out at the Synagogue. It brings relief to Jewish Children up to 16 Years.


Mother and Child
Em va-Yeled

A special organization ‘Mother and Child / Em va-Yeled’ was found at the Synagogue. It provides a variety kind of assistance for Jewish pregnant woman and young mothers of which: hot food, goods for babies, help in fixing a home, consulting, circumcisions, buying of a Letter in Torah and many more.



Our community provides a wide range of books and periodical literature for Jews. At our shop “Tzimes” a set of books on Judaism and Jewish Tradition and Mystic is selling. A number of Magazines –are sending by mail.
Jewish community also publishes paper “Beyahad”.


Kosher meal

At the Synagogue we have a kosher canteen where you can test and buy Jewish kosher meal and order some special meal for holidays and parties.


Kosher shop

The “Tzimes” Shop at the Synagogue provides Kosher meal – Matzos and Israeli grape juice, as well as Beef and Chicken Meat and also variety Israeli snakes and sweets, as well as religious things such as Kippot or Mezuzot, a bulk of Jewish Souvenirs as well as books on Jews and Judaism. Nizhniy Novgorod Jewish Shop also presents a unique Dead Sea Cosmetics at a unusual attractive prices.

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