Our school can be told about infinitely

9.1KbSince 1992 the traditions of Jewish education have been reestablished in our city. In the beginning Sunday school was opened, in 1999 a Jewish kindergarten was opened and in 2000 a national secondary school was opened.

We permanently have about 100 students in all the grades (from the first to the eleventh). The school’s made five graduations of students, among which are 2 silver and one gold medalist. All our alumni study in higher schools and professional colleges (70% for free). There are some winners of city and district students scientific societies among our students: the first and the third places for mathematics, biology, foreign language, informatics, the second place at the city contest for mathematics, the third place at the city contest for history. Our students are active sportsmen; you can find champions and winners of competitions among them. The school ensemble is a constant participant of community and city events.

4.9Kb4.7KbThe kids stay at school from 8 in the morning till 5 o’clock. They’re delivered to school and back home by special transport. During the day they’re provided with breakfast, lunch and snack at the expense of Or Avner Fund. All the kids are provided with students’ books also by Or Avner Fund. What do the kids do all day long? They have classes from 8 to 14. Classes are lead by experienced teachers. By now we’ve managed to create a staff of permanent teachers, who continually improve their methodic abilities, go into national traditions. Among them you can see an Honored teacher of Russia, a candidate of pedagogic science, 8 teachers have the highest qualification category, 3 persons have the first qualification category and 2 persons have the second qualification category. The work of our teachers gets high evaluation in the departments of Nizhny Novgorod institute of education development.

To provide classes with a modern approach we apply appropriate types4.7Kb of education: the school has a computer room (14 computers), audio- and video-equipment, a projection system, Internet is also used.

4.6KbAfter 2 p. m. there’s relaxation and a walk; they’re given an hour to prepare home assignment (a teacher is compulsory present at this time); during the last hour the kids can attend classes according to their interests. There’s opened a branch of the music school for talented kids named by Balakirev on the basis of the school, music teachers come specially to our kids and give them classes in the school.

8.2KbThe educational process is built so that the kids learn the language, tradition and the history of their nation besides from compulsory subjects of the State educational standard. Learning those special subjects, kids are lead by specially trained teachers, who’ve been sent from Israel: rabbanit, students from a teacher-training college.

All the visitors of our school always notice cordial atmosphere: elder kids help to the younger, younger kids come up to the elder and they’re not afraid to ask them for advice, they can easily come up even to the teachers.

Our school, as all the educational organizations of the type, holds many out-of-class and out-of-school activities. All the participants of school life like to go to the theaters, libraries and museums of the city, they also like to take part in travels and appear on the great scenes of the city. Or Avner Fund organizes excursion trips to close and far foreign countries for the students of high school.

M. L. Pashton – the director of the school,
An honored teacher of Russian Federation.

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